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2021 nail art promises to be saturated with sparkling shades and unusual designs . First of all, this is a complete liberation of the color palette. The variety of shades, their combinations, the boldness and unpredictability of the splendor of tones, the irresistibility of combinations of varnish, enamel, manicure accessories will, as never before, be creative, versatile and the most unexpected .The main trend of the season is still French manicure. But it will be a modified jacket with bright, saturated colors and combinations: red with gilding, silver with black, black and gold .A real hit will be the pattern on the very tip of the nail in the form of sticks, dots, micro flowers, petals, applications . The most sought-after manicure to be in 2021 is covering most of the nail with clear polish, combined and in a combination of white black, or a combination of red and white. Below are the benefits of gel paint Manicure for short nailsGel paint is especially popular in nail design . They quite firmly took the place of acrylic, with the help of which the nails were decorated with exquisite designs. Such work required great skill, but remained short-lived . For the patterns to remain as long as possible, it was necessary to cover such a pattern with a protective word and carefully handle the nails.The new material made it possible to facilitate the work of the master and increase the reliability of the design. Now you can admire miniature works on well-groomed fingers for at least three weeks, without worrying about the quality of work. Gel paints are dense in composition and have a rich color. They can be used both for flat design and for casting or painting . This material is very wide in the palette of colors, thanks to which Niall art artists can create unique masterpieces decorating them with rhinestones, velvet sand and rhinestones. With the help of gel paints, you can work in a mono-technical framework and highlight all colors as much as possible.Such a painting of nails can be easily mastered by a novice master. He will not be nervous about the pattern spreading over the base, and will appreciate the ability to quickly correct mistakes before drying in a UV lamp. Such a modern nail design in 2021 does not require additional coating, making the manicure light and natural . More complex techniques can also be carried out using gel varnish, thanks to which you can apply real landscapes and realistic drawings on a transparent base. With the help of a gel polish for manicure, you can easily master and use it for gradient technique, which is most in demand among brides.Gel paint Salon Professional, Emi, Irisk and many other well-known brands provide great opportunities for craftsmen creativity. Some of them are suitable for French-style manicure and creating the so-called reverse smile. With the help of others, thin lines of openwork paintings are displayed . Without gel paints it would not have been possible to carry out such a manicure technique as casting, which allows you to apply almost royal designs to the nail. Manufacturers of varnishes and gel paints rely solely on the imagination and new solutions of the masters!Manicure: its features and useful tips Today, no self-respecting woman goes out without a quality manicure. But the fact of the matter is that it is not so easy to make a truly high-quality manicure, and here the advice of experienced stylists will provide significant help. And if you follow them, then you can be sure that your hands (in particular, nails) will always attract everyone's attention .1. If you want your manicure to be really high-quality, then you must immediately forget about all kinds of metal files and give preference to fine-grained files with sapphire or sand dusting .2. File your nails only as dry as possible, if you handle the nails with wet they can crumble and break.3. Of course, for a manicure you need to know what and how is in trend, what is fashionable and in demand, but do not forget that each stylet should have its own personality.4. To visually increase the length of nails, you must use dark and bright shades, and if the drawings are exclusively vertical, it will be just a stunning look!5. Drawings and thin edges will help you with the problem of wide nails that will look great.